Hello cruel world! Well, my name is Anna… I’m from the amazing city of angels, Los Angeles, CA. Theres no other place I’d rather be, besides Spain of course & New York City on a cold winter night. But this is where I have planted my little feet & where I plan to grow. (Sideways more than anything it seems.. HA!)

I’m 30something, ok fine I’m 32! Sheesh! I was born on October 22nd, which makes me a Libra/Scorpio, which also makes me beyond awesome! I’m creative, fun, unique, passionate, hot tempered, loving, caring, funny, sarcastic & overly emotional! Who wouldn’t love me?! (Totally kidding.)

Don’t take me too seriously, maybe I think I’m funnier than I really am! If they laugh, I win!

I have this amazing man in my life that I love with all my heart. He has supported every single thing I have ever wanted to do.. whole heartedly, 100%. He pushes me daily to follow my dreams & ignore my fears. I couldnt be anymore blessed! Not to mention that he’s hilarious & owes me tons of botox for all these wrinkles hes caused from constantly making me laugh & smile over the past 4 years. We act like a bunch of children together, life’s too short! He has also brought into my life an amazing lil kiddo that I adore with all my heart! He’s my little homie & we have a super fun relationship. Making fun of daddy is our favorite past time! I love when he whispers secrets into my ear & how we plot against the old man… good times.

I love food! Yes, I am one of those obnoxious people that wont let you touch your food before I get to snap a picture of it so that I can throw it up on Instagram! Oh & I also really love Instagram. Probably because I’m lazy & it’s easy. But that’s coming to an end (the lazy).

I enjoy cruising the streets of Los Angeles, it doesnt even matter where we’re headed, as long as we’re going! Every time I see the beach, the sunset, I give thanks to this amazing life I have been blessed with. I always say to Daniel (he would be the amazing man) “Don’t you feel so lucky to be able to see this every day?”

There were days in my life where the sun didn’t set the way that it does now!

Now I’m totally rambling because its 1:28am, so I’ll end it with a short list of other things I enjoy.
Biking, photography, crafting, fashion, shopping, decor, design, beer, Dexter, makeup & NAIL POLISH. Nail polish I love, you will see.

elayewoman = L.A. WOMAN.

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