Today is my birthday!

Well, today is my 32nd birthday, so what better time then now to get this blog going? Right?  Why not!

So, 32… Where has the time gone?! I am in no way sad about this huge number (eeeek!) as cliché as it may sound, my 30’s (thus far) have certainly been the best years of my life! Besides, why be depressed over something you have zero control of? Life is pretty cool if you ask me. The good the bad the ugly. Eh! I dig it.

Welcome to my bloggy blog! I hope you enjoy whatever my little spot on the web will turn into! It may not be much right now, but it’ll get there once I get the hang of it (again!).

Here’s a fun fact about my birthday: I turned 22 on October 22nd of 2002 & it was a 2’sday (Tuesday)! 10 years ago! *faints*

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One Response to “Today is my birthday!”

  1. ariana says:

    Totally excited to see ya back to the blogging world. Don’t stop lady!

    I done already told you on fb and text but I’ll say it again..HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    Oh and I envy you – I wish I lived in El Aye. Confused

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