is anybody out there?

Probably not, but IM BACK!! Did I really ever leave? So much has changed in my life & I really want to blog, I want to share. I really really really do. Today something happened that made me realize I need to do this, for myself, to make myself happy, to get myself on some sort of schedule, to lose myself in the best way, to share little tidbits of my world with everyone! I wish I had never stopped blogging, and when I say that I am referring to 10+ years ago! But, everything happens for a reason… yada yada yada, so here I am trying AGAIN! Except I’m not going to “try” I am simply going to DO. I will be successful, I will. I’ll just keep telling myself that daily. Every time I think of posting something (which has been so often), I will make time for it!

So if you’re out there, let me know. Feel free to give me a little shove, I appreciate it!
I will re-vamping this layout, which has never really been vamped in the first place, but it needs a little pick me up, wouldn’t you say?

Stay tuned!

Mani Monday!

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Mani Monday!

Winter Wonderland

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Oh shoes…

…how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! Shoes are a girls bestfriend, a lover, a shoulder to lean on, something so truly faithful & loyal. Oh yes, shoes are very loyal! They will never tell you “you cant fit in these, fat girl”, no ma’am! They will always be there for you, through the good, the bad, the skinny, the fat!

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Not so easy!

Well, this blogging world isn’t so simple after all! I dont want to blog about just anything & at the same time I do! Because after all, who reads this at this point anyway??? I suppose I should just keep on keeping on…

To be honest, I do have a few subjects I’d like to blog about, however, work does not allow! NO SIR! I just need to get into it like I have before.

Stay tuned! I will do my best not to disappoint.

Today is my birthday!

Well, today is my 32nd birthday, so what better time then now to get this blog going? Right?  Why not!

So, 32… Where has the time gone?! I am in no way sad about this huge number (eeeek!) as cliché as it may sound, my 30’s (thus far) have certainly been the best years of my life! Besides, why be depressed over something you have zero control of? Life is pretty cool if you ask me. The good the bad the ugly. Eh! I dig it.

Welcome to my bloggy blog! I hope you enjoy whatever my little spot on the web will turn into! It may not be much right now, but it’ll get there once I get the hang of it (again!).

Here’s a fun fact about my birthday: I turned 22 on October 22nd of 2002 & it was a 2’sday (Tuesday)! 10 years ago! *faints*

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